Why Solid Wood Four Drawer File Cabinets Are a Good Buy

File cabinet drawers are vital office furniture in a workplace. These cabinets provide safekeeping and storage areas for important files, papers and commercial documents. Filing cabinets are available in metal or wood material. In most workplaces, they have four drawer file cabinets to perform this task.

When you have a home based business, choosing a solid wood cabinet with 4 drawers can create a warm and comfortable ambiance.

Depending on your taste and preference, you can order the pre-fabricated 4 drawer cabinets or have them customized. With some minimalist designs and personalized accents, solid wood four drawer cabinets can work wonders in projecting a lovely and refreshing mood to your place of work. These cabinets can serve to manage a neat and smooth storage and retrieval system of your files.

Many people prefer a wooden filing cabinet made of oak, pine or cherry. If you are designing an office located inside your home, you can opt for a wooden cabinet which matches the desk, chairs and other furniture of your office. You can choose a classic antique look of solid wood with a natural stained finish if the motif of your workplace is traditional. If your furniture is accented with stainless steel and solid wood, you can choose a wooden cabinet with matching colors of white, black, grey, brown or green. Always remember to make your choice of color pleasing to the eye. Your goal is to create a nice and favorable impression to your clients and visitors. Your office settings are a reflection of your personality and character.

Choosing four drawer storage cabinets is practical even if you are just starting. The quantity of the files and items you need to organize and store may only fill up 2 drawers. What you can do is to store your cups, plates and other stuffs in the other two drawers. File drawers can be vertical or lateral. Vertical cabinets are deep but have narrower widths. Lateral cabinets are wider than the vertical type up to 45 inches wide. They are not as deep as the vertical cabinets. The advantage of a 4 drawer cabinet is its aesthetic design and availability of more storage space. It can also substitute as a beautiful divider if you install 2 or 3 wooden 4 drawer file cabinets side by side.

You have to make sure that the ball bearing suspension system or wheel sliders and rails of your file cabinets are functioning well. The drawers should be secure with proper locking mechanisms. Look for rails with adjustable sizes. If your priority concern is security for your hard copy documents such as business registration papers, employment records, titles of ownership of real estate and other assets, choose solid wood models treated with fire resistant and waterproof laminated coatings. In lieu, make sure that you have the necessary fire protection and suppressant systems handy and in place.

Solid wooden four drawer file cabinets will last for many years and can enhance the beauty of your workplace’s interior design. Putting wonderful accents and flower vases on top of the file cabinet will accentuate a sense of classiness and stylishness. Wooden cabinets can create feelings of coziness and an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility in your workroom where you spend long hours inside.

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