Work From Home Ideas – Micro Niches

With no signs of the economic woes receding, an increasing number of people are looking for work from home ideas. While the internet has several money making opportunities, some more viable than others, micro niches present a good way of making a decent secondary income stream. Here is a look at how you can find micro niches and monetize them.

What are micro niches? For those of you who are new to the world of Ad sense and internet marketing, micro niche may seem like a foreign term. In very simple words, a micro niche is a division of a large niche. For instance, weight loss or even golf are very popular online niches and there are literally millions of sites dedicated to them. So, it would be almost impossible to rank high for these niches unless you have a very large SEO and PPC budget. This brings us to the all important question what can a person looking for work from home ideas do to make money from such a niche?

The answer to this question is very simple, look for micro niches, smaller divisions of the large niche such as weight loss that have been ignored so far. Since people who are looking for work from home ideas usually have limited capital, these micro niches can be exploited to make a fairly decent amount of money with minimal investment.

How do you find micro niches?There are two ways to find micro niches; you could either work in a niche that you are interested in such as gardening or natural living etc. Alternatively, you could check out sites such as Amazon, Google shopping and yahoo shopping. Look at the products that people are buying. For instance, if you see a lot of purchasing an e-book on how to combat diabetes; you can use Google AdWords tool to find keywords associated with the niche.

You should be looking for key phrases that get 1000 searches per month but don’t go with anything that receives more than 50,000 exact searches because competition will be stiff here. There are also several paid tools that can be used to find micro niches such as Market Samurai, Micro Niche finder and more.

How to monetize them? There are two ways to monetize your micro niche site, you can either use it for Google AdSense or you could sell affiliate products through your site. You can also sell your own product but creating them will take time and money, so start with AdSense banners.

You need to understand that the money you make through AdSense is directly proportionate to the traffic that you site receives. To increase the online visibility of your site, you will need to submit it you directories. Create backlinks for your site through article marketing, forum and blog posting, press release submission etc.

Install a simple WordPress theme on your site and ensure that you post some fresh content to your site every 4 to 5 days; search engine crawlers love new material.

If everything is done correctly, you should start making $1 to $2 per day from each site. While this may not seem like a lot, imagine your residual income when you have 100 or even 300 such sites. You will of course get have some sites which will make more than that and some may not make anything at all. The key here is to be patient and persistent. Finding and monetizing micro niche sites is not only one of the most lucrative work from home ideas but also a fun prospect that can help you to generate a comfortable secondary income.

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