Baby Shower Favor Ideas – Contemporary Designs Add Creativity and Increase the Fun Level

This year, contemporary design is in. From popular interior design to architecture, the concepts of geometric shapes, lines, and cross cultural elements are in style today. Although classic and traditional events are everlasting and are never out of style, the year 2009 is about taking a little risk and being a little edgy. The coolest party favors this year are the contemporary ones.

They are quite different than the party favors we are used to seeing all the time, but they will undoubtedly impress all your guests. Contemporary party favors are not just for birthday parties or holiday parties; they can even be a hit at a baby shower. Here we will give you a few ideas for contemporary baby shower party ideas that you can make on your own, using materials that you can find in your local craft or department store.

Today, Asian culture has had quite an influence over American pop culture. From beautifully designed food to unique animated cartoons and cinema to exquisite interior design, Asian culture is prevalent in today’s artistic world. One Asian-inspired party favor that looks great in any table are decorative Chinese food boxes that serve as goodie bags.

Today, you can find all types of decorative Chinese food boxes that come in every color imaginable in your local craft store. You can even find animal print Chinese food boxes! Fill these cute boxes up with goodies like small candles, bracelets or other accessories, and candy. Choose a few colors that match with your color pattern for the boxes and arrange them on tables, alternating the colors. These party favors do not just make cute take-home gifts, but also stand out on the tables and add to the cool and contemporary atmosphere.

Another cute idea that women will definitely love is a homemade box of chocolates. Purchase different colors of craft specialty chocolate chips and chocolate bonbon molds. Melt the chocolate and fill the molds with the melted chocolate; use different colors to create a pretty color scheme. You can find cute decorative boxes for chocolates and candy at your local craft store.

Don’t forget to embellish the boxes, and add your personal style and flair. Fill the boxes with your homemade bonbons, including different color chocolates in each box. For an elegant twist, also include some chocolate covered strawberries in each box. These can be made simply by dipping strawberries into melted dark or milk chocolate, and letting the chocolate harden. Chocolate covered marshmallows are great, too. When you have completed your boxes, wrap them with ribbon, creating a beautiful bow.

Candles are a must-have for contemporary design. Candles add personality, relaxation, and romance to the atmosphere. Not only do they contribute to the contemporary look that we are trying to achieve, but they look fabulous and will not make a hole in your pocket. Purchase different shades of inexpensive, solid or patterned candles and personalize them. With ribbon and embellishments, these will look like you have spent a fortune! Remember, the most important concept in contemporary design is simplicity.

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